About PresentABLE

What is PresentABLE?

 It is a MOVEMENT.

 PresentABLE is an initiative to remind us all that we are always

ABLE to give a PRESENT 

to those in need simply by mobilizing our purchase power.


 With the pandemic, everyone has been impacted and many are suffering, doing their best to try to get back on their feet. 

We can't solve all the problems, but we can do at least one thing at a time, in each given moment that we are alive and able, that moves us forward in the right direction, sharing love and helping one another.

We are working hard to curate brands who are willing to join us in this movement.

When you purchase here, we commit to PRESENT a gift on your behalf to those in need,

to help them be more ALBE to get back on their feet.

JOIN US to be part of the PresentABLE movement!